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Welcome to my page!

I am Sharad Ramkrishna Sarode. I like the small version of my name as S.Sharad.

And, I am Civil Engineer !

Born in month of November, I am typical Scorpio. You will also notice Scorpio Traits, when you stroll little inside this web site.

This site is dedicated to my inspiration, who has ignited hidden attributes of my mind long ago and made me strong enough to pace this Wonderful Avenue of Computers !

In this site, I have kept some information about the topics. The contents are prepared from various sources on internet, Manuals, Linux How to etc. The matter given is not complete. It is like class notes. This web page will be under constant updation.

All the notes given here are tested on CentOS Linux release 7. If you have some different distribution of Linux then with little modifications, same notes can be used.

Also note that, the notes given here are “Fast Track Notes”. They do not teach the subject. In-fact, after attending the Class Session, these notes serve Ready Reference for that topic.

While reading the notes if you come across some typo mistake then it is your responsibility to inform me on info@magnumnet.in and this will in turn save other Future Readers from confusion.

This site contains lot of information about Linux, but you have to use either Search Box or you can use Categories given on right side of this page.

I am thankful to the writers of various sources.

At the end if you feel to contact me then you can contact me via email always and some time on phone also.

Wishing you Good Luck Ahead !.
S. Sharad