Mastering Linux Module : 2 (Intermediate Level Module)

Below is Course Content For Module – 2

Duration – 20 Days Fees – Rs.5000/- ($100)

1. User Management :

a] Creating user
b] Creating groups
c] Understanding /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow Files
d] Understanding chown, chmod, chgrp, chattr commands
e] File Access Control List
f] Default files for user management

2. Disk Quota Management :

a] Disk quota on ext4 file system
b] Disk quota on xfs file system
c] Quota Reports

3. Linux File System :

a] What is File Sytem?
b] What is inode?
c] File Sytem Explained - Reiser FS, ext2, ext3, ext4 & XFS
d] Directory Structure of Linux
e] Mounting Devices - cdrom, pendrive, floppy, hard disk etc.
f] Understanding LVM - LVM Management
g] Understanding Software RAID - mdadm Command
h] The /etc/fstab file explained in deep.
i] The /etc/rc.d/rc.local file explained.

4. Advanced Network Management :

a] Using Network Manager Service
b] The network management tools
            ping, ping6
            portsentry etc.