Mastering Linux Module : 3 (Expert Level Module)

Below is Course Content For Module – 2

Duration – 20 Days Fees – Rs.5000/- ($100)

1. Deep dive into servers -

a] Understanding DNS Server
b] Understanding Apache Web Server
c] Understanding Sendmail Server
d] Understanding Samba Server
e] Understanding FTP Server
f] Understanding NFS Server
h] Understanding Syslog & Log Rotation 
j] Process Accounting 
k] Understanding AutoFS Server
l] Understanding MariaDB Server
k] Understanding Java & Apache Tomcat Server

2. Linux Security -

a] Understanding Firewalls - iptables
b] Understanding SeLinux 
c] Deep look in portsentry
d] Study of Log Files & /var/log Folder
e] Understanding TCP Wrapper & libwarp
h] Understanding PAM

3. Linux Troubleshooting -

a] File System related
b] Booting related
c] Network related
d] Process Management

4. Linux Booting Process -

a] /proc explained
b] Booting & kernel processes
c] Configuring Kernel Parameters
d] Updating kernel
e] Understanding GRUB Boot Loader

5. Understanding Linux Control Panels -

a] The Webmin Panel
b] The Plesk Control Panel
c] The cPanel